TJ Theatre Classes
Summer Enrichment Assignments

Dear Future TJ Theatre Students,

Hey – Palmieri here – with the 411 on what to do this summer to help get ready for TJ Theatre Classes next year.

This summer:

  • Ø Participate in one or more theatrical productions as an actor. There are opportunities to do this in community theaters, summer programs, churches, etc.


  • Ø Type a 300-500 word piece in which you describe your personal experience in this adventure.


  • Ø Attend one or more live theatrical full-length performances. Pay critical attention to the acting and technical aspects of the show. Some venues : DCPA, Aurora Fox Theatre, Vision Box, Littleton Town Hall, Arvada Arts Center, Lone Tree Art Center. There are others; check on-line, in the newspaper, etc. Many of these venues offer tickets at specially-reduced prices for students.

> Study the actors’ voices, including use of tone, volume, and pacing.

> Study the actors’ facial expressions.

> Study the actors’ body physicality, including their hands.


Type a 300-500 word review of one show. While a review generally does include some of the reviewer’s personal opinions, it should focus more on evaluating the acting, technical presentation, and audience engagement of the show.

If you are unable to attend a theatrical performance, you can do this assignment with a film. Some films that particularly focus on theatrical performance (or are film versions of plays) are : Much Ado About Nothing, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Shakespeare in Love, RENT (Live on Broadway, NOT the Hollywood movie), Noises Off Broadway, Chicago, Little Shop of Horrors, and Romeo and Juliet. Really, though, you can learn from the acting and technical aspects of any film.

Best wishes for a great summer. Peace Palmieri